In All Things Be Thankful…

For my readers: I really appreciate your support, even if you don’t leave comments, which would allow me to know you all better. Through This Just In, I have been able to express filter-free. What you will notice (if you haven’t already) is that I jump from topic to topic, however they’re all relevant. It is my desire that my insight helps in your personal growth and discovery.

I have been very reflective lately. I am learning a lot in 2009. And the clarity that has surfaced from these lessons is unmeasurable.  I feel like I have a greater understanding of who I am, my purpose and how my experiences, no matter how dismal, can positively influence another. Furthermore, I have learned the importance of a humble and grateful spirit. 

When is the last time you expressed your gratitude to God, to your parents, your spouse? At times, we can become so absorbed in our endeavors that we forget who helped us get there. For example, I am completing my collegiate career soon, however I would not be able to afford college by myself. My mother has assisted with my FAFSA all 4 years, she’s been there to help fund my books, and before I purchased my vehicle, she even came to take me grocery shopping (which was a 5 hr. trip total). For these things and much more, I am forever thankful.

My grandmother often said, “Give me my flowers while I can smell them.” Being young, I did not fully understand the significance of that statement. Now, I completely understand. We have to take time to just say “thank you” to those individuals who have influenced our lives, while we have the chance.  And there is no blueprint for what you should be thankful for. When my gas tank is on E, and I make it through pay day driving on Faith 89′, I always thank God. Because, I am sincerely thankful that I did not have to push my car to the nearest gas station (only to watch other people pump their gas, because chances are if I had money, I would have gas in my car).  🙂

No matter how successful I become, I will never forget the individuals who: extended a helping hand, believed in my potential, when I was still unaware of my brilliance and  prayed for my strength when I was moving mountains. God only knows how thankful I am.

So, do you need to be giving someone flowers? If you’re reading this, it’s not too late.


One thought on “In All Things Be Thankful…

  1. This is so true a lot of people are not appreciative to the things that really matter… the small things. If people were more appreciative there would be less people depressed trust me..because you don’t know what you have until its gone.

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