Just Be Thankful

Honestly, I did not intend on blogging tonight. I have been preparing for my long day of classes that will start in a few hours, however a message was put on my heart to share. Now, I’m not a preacher or anything, yet I do believe that my experiences are such that I might be able to influence others. So, I share with an open heart. 

Be thankful. Be thankful for God waking  you up in a comfy bed, some people have never felt the comfort of a mattress. Be thankful for those moments spent with loved ones, because life is too short to take people for granted. Be thankful for the ability to express your love, there are people who have beautiful spirits, yet are unable to speak. 

Despite the difficulty, be thankful even when your world is in shambles. Some of our most beautiful lessons are learned in (what appears to be) destruction zones. Remember, there is nothing too broken or no circumstance too great for God. 

Be thankful for your creation. There is no duplicate of you. You’re authentic, and some of us (including myself) need to embrace that. We are all brilliant creations, and that does not change. No matter what mistakes you’ve made, you matter what debt you’ve accrued, you’re still worthy. Your merit cannot be determined by those factors. Be thankful for that. Be thankful for your mistakes, just as much as you’re thankful for your accomplishments. You couldn’t get where you are, if you hadn’t made those mistakes. 

We are all battling something. We are all human. I encourage you to be thankful for making it this far. Stop for a moment, and pat yourself on the back. Trust me, I know what it is like to fight for higher destinations, I know what it is to have faith the size of mountains, yet World War III is breaking out in your life. Just be thankful that you’re not alone on the battlefield. 

Many times we focus our attention on the things of little significance. If God has given us another day, it is not meant to be another day of complaints. It is our chance. It can be our breakthrough. It can be our day to look over our shoulders, see everything we’ve overcome, and just be thankful.


2 thoughts on “Just Be Thankful

  1. Ciara,

    You have always been wise beyond your years. I have known that since you were a young child. You are and continue to be a blessing to me. If I haven’t told you lately……I am so thankful God blessed me with you.


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