God is only refining gems…

“If everyone were to come here and throw their problems at the altar, soon we would all be reaching for our problems back.”

The above passage is a paraphrased version of a statement made by my pastor. My interpretation of this was that though our problems appear to be huge, you can be sure that someone out there is experiencing problems that make yours microscopic.

And that is very true.

We worry about bills, while impoverished parents worry about which child they’ll feed tonight. You see, there can be no comparison made between those dilemmas. In life, it is important that we step outside our bubbles, and realize that our problems could be worse.

Please understand that this entry is for me, as well. I am sharing this as a reaffirmation of what I need to help me hold on. I know what it is like to be weary, discouraged, heartbroken and fearful. But, I also know God’s ability to renew. I know this doesn’t contribute to that bill that’s past due, or that phone that’s disconnected, yet it does provide you encouragement. It does give you that pat on the back, that one cheerleader on your bench who’s in the storm with you. Sometimes it helps to know that we are not alone. Trust me, I have those multicolored envelopes coming in the mail (you know the ones that let you know that they mean business). I’m in the storm with you.

I can promise you that God is only refining gems. He is taking us through these hardships to achieve a greater purpose in our lives. And as we prepare for the blows of life, know that God is your ultimate shield, he’s not leaving us alone.

Do not give up. Hold on. And when you start to utter a complaint, combat it! Because our faith during challenging times serves as a warranty for God. It gives him confirmation that we’re willing to trust him and endure whatever might come, in order to remain aligned with his purpose for our lives.

SOON the storms will cease, and boy will victory feel so great…

Your cheerleader,



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