Free at Last…

Yes folks, it’s true, the shackles have been broken… I’m now a college graduate. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for the opportunity to advance my education, but it truly controls your life for 4 years. And, I’m just glad to experience freedom.

So, the reoccuring question I’m being asked is… now what? My response normally is “Good question.” But, after careful consideration, I have generated the following ideas:

1. Pursue a career in Journalism (my minor is in Journalism, and the bulk of my experience is in this field, so it might be easier to get a job in this industry. Yet, there’s one problem, a lot of newspapers/magazines have put hiring on hold due to the recession. So, I’m thinking I can entertain freelance writing for a while, as it is looking a little more promising.

2. Research the non-profit industry. If I’m sure of one thing, it’s that my career has to involve me helping others. I must be positively influencing the community as a whole, or just a small community of needy individuals. I have considered entering into the Special Education field, which I am still extremely interested in, yet all the positions require higher education in that field. Right now, I’m not inviting graduate school, mainly because I would like to find a job that will cover my higher education expenses (If we can avoid additional loans that would be marvelous).

3. Find a job that does not directly correlate with my field of interest, but pays the bills. This is the last resort, as I firmly believe in doing what you love, and the rest will follow. Unfortunately, I’m finding that a lot of businesses do not agree with that philosophy.

Now, here’s where you come along. I need advice! How you would suggest I market myself? That question requires more information: I have my Bachelor of Arts in English, with a minor in Journalism.

Second, how did you organize your job search as a recent college graduate?

And lastly, what should I be prepared for when transitioning from part-time interviewing to full-time interviewing?  I feel more apprehension regarding the full-time interview process, I just wonder if I need to prepare myself for more “grown-up” questions (sounds silly, but it’s how I feel).

These are just a few starter questions, please feel free to comment as you see fit. And if you don’t want to overwhelm my blog with lengthy comments, you can certainly e-mail me at Remember, all your contributions are truly appreciated!

And thank you all for your continual support throughout my journey!


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