Goodbye 2009, Greetings 2010

Some would argue that 2009 flew by, I would have to disagree. 2009 demanded a lot from me, without the fair compensation I expected. Due to that, I believe it ran a slower course for me. Now do not get me wrong, 2009 did represent a lot of memorable events, as well. For instance, I graduated from college. I found a suitable church home, which allowed me to grow stronger in my faith. And, I developed a great circle of connects that will help in making 2010 better than 2009. With all that said, I believe 2010 will signify my emergence. It is the year that I stop making excuses, and start making history. What I have learned throughout 2009 is that we are only limited by what we surrender to. Think about it, every successful individual has experienced some kind of obstacle. It’s life, but those successful individuals saw past that obstacle, and found a solution. In 2010, I’m finding solutions for all my obstacles. This year, let’s stop giving our obstacles control over what we accomplish. I’m sure in doing so, we’ll notice a significant adjustment in our flight. Fewer chains, higher destinations, right?

So what’s in store for me in 2010?

I have been reading Success Magazine, and one of the articles was written by Guy Kawasaki. He wrote about how mission statements can be very boring, instead he recommended writing a mantra for your business. After reading that, I decided to develop a mantra that symbolizes what I hope to achieve in my career. And it is simple: “Write to Inspire”.  How do I plan on implementing that mantra? Well, it seems the best way to do that is to use my gift, which is writing.

In the coming days, you can expect my posts to be more relevant to this mantra. I am pursuing a freelance career to serve as a catalyst to a bigger movement (more details to come). It seems that the only way people will feel my writing is if they’re introduced to it more often. Now, not every project I’m given will be life-changing, but it’s the first step on that ladder. Currently, I am structuring a list of services/prices, refining my portfolio and researching publications to approach with my work. When these tasks are completed, I will use my blog as a reference point for potential clients. I will show a different dimension of my writing, one that is more personal. In addition, you will have a chance to follow my road to success. I’m reading a lot, researching a lot and I plan on blogging the different exercises I’ve stumbled across. These exercises are all recommended from successful people, who are doing exactly what I want to do, in some capacity. For example, I have exercises suggested by prominent entrepreneurs and even influential philanthropists. I strongly believe that we grow by learning from others. So, it is my hope that you all participate in the exercises, and feel free to suggest some of your own. If they’re helpful, I’m all on it.

Furthermore in 2010, I will donate a portion of any money I receive from freelancing to charity. Right now, I cannot make large contributions, yet I figured giving what I could with a big heart, is better than giving nothing at all. In doing so, I’m exercising my inner humanitarian. Also this year, I am stepping up my volunteer game. The only way I’ll be able to inspire all people is if I put myself in environments where I can become more knowledgeable of their needs. Don’t you think?

This is just a concise version of everything I’m working on. As time progresses, and I start structuring some endeavors, you’ll hear more developments.

What are some of your goals? Expectations for 2010? I’m curious to know, and if you don’t have any, now is the perfect time to jot some down.

Remember, “God gives every bird a worm, but he does not throw it into the nest.” -Swedish proverb

Until tomorrow,



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