If we are all created equal…

For those who are not aware, President Obama recently appointed a transgendered female to the Commerce Department. And of course, this stimulated a heated debate. So, I pondered… Why is this such an issue? It appears to me that “in the land of the free” or under a constitution that speaks of us all being created equal, this would not stir up such controversy. I mean shouldn’t our concern lie in whether this candidate is qualified for the position, more so than in her sexual orientation? Nothing frustrates me more than people who cannot see pass their tinted view of reality. If you ask me, we should all adopt a new year resolution to embrace each other’s differences. Now, I am not saying that you have to agree with the opposing view, and in this case, you don’t even have to join any LGBT efforts (although I’m sure the support would be appreciated). Instead, I encourage us to try a different approach, one that involves two things: an open heart and an open mind. Because, one thing is for sure, staying closed-minded and hateful not only makes you an uncool person, but it requires missing out on a lot of beautiful people.


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