Who’s On Your Mainline?

When I started Lilly Pad & Pen, I felt as though this blog would fizzle out. I soon devised a plan to incorporate my various lessons within a Lilly Pad & Pen blog series. But, of course, my plans changed. The Lilly Pad & Pen blog series is active, yet God has summoned me back to this blog. Quite frankly, I feel the reason is simple: There are lessons that I’ve been introduced to that are blessings for someone else.

If you read this blog in the past, you can attest to me saying that I’m no Juanita Bynum. I hold no degree in Theology. And that’s okay.  I do not own holy oil, so you will not leave this blog saturated in it. My sincerest hope is that you will find a nugget of wisdom that positively inspires and motivates you to keep running your race. Just think of me as your running mate.

Now that we’ve completed the introduction, let’s get to the meat of this post- Who’s on your mainline? I’m sure you’re wondering, “What is this girl talking about?” Well, let me explain; are you familiar with the song, “Jesus On The Mainline”? If not, in its most basic meaning, the song implies that Jesus is just one call away at all times. There are no calling restrictions, he doesn’t have to be in your Fav 5, you can have a cordless phone or a smartphone, it doesn’t matter. Jesus is on the mainline.

Understanding this, how many of us can say that we keep Jesus on our mainline? For many of us, Jesus is the last person we consult with on our mainline. Now, of course, Jesus doesn’t have a cell phone that we can add in our phones; but that’s the beauty of it all. We can call on him in a whisper, in an intense scream, our range of communication with Jesus transcends that of technology.

And here’s what I’ve learned. When you keep loved ones on your mainline, when you keep your best friends on your mainline, you’ll find that the line is busy quite often. Why? Because those same individuals are trying to contact you, in hopes that you can help them with the same problems you’re facing. We cannot apply the same confidence in man as we do Jesus. This is proven in scriptures such as Matthew 19:26, which states, Jesus looked at them and said, ‘With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.’ I subscribe to the notion that if we could rely solely on man, Jesus would have given us the memo a long time ago.

If you’re experiencing areas of difficulty in your life, add Jesus to your mainline. If you’re in need of something, add Jesus to your mainline. If your health is concerning you, add Jesus to your mainline. To cite the song once more, Call him up, call him, call him up, call him up, call him up and tell him what you want. Based on John 14:13, And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son, it’ll be the best call you’ve ever made.


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