A Spiritual Cocoon

Note: The Holy Spirit urged that I share this. I didn’t edit anything, it’s raw and from the heart. I pray that it reaches whomever it’s intended for.

There comes a time when God nestles you in a spiritual cocoon. You’re away from your friends, you’re away from your family, you’re away from everything that was once familiar- but you’re drawn into His presence, so you’re not alone. You’re just captivated by His sovereignty.

While in this spiritual cocoon, God reveals his vision for your life and he gives you one instruction to ensure it comes to fruition, “Fear not, only believe.” While in this spiritual cocoon, God teaches you His perfect ways- his perfect Love. He covers you in His arms and equips you with his strength, wisdom and peace for your journey ahead.

He’s refining you. He’s reminding you that his mercy is greater than any mistake you could ever make; he’s reminding you that his strength transcends any worldly circumstance.

He’s God. He’s your Father. You are His child.

And at the appointed time, not a minute or a second before, you’ll emerge from the spiritual cocoon made anew. You will not recognize yourself, but you’ll love yourself more than you ever did before. And you’ll see that God has given you beauty for your ashes. He’s given you life and life more abundantly. He’s given you a chance to serve Him; he’s given you a chance to embrace all the promises his Son died to make possible for you; a chance to live in the fulfillment of being His beloved.


2 thoughts on “A Spiritual Cocoon

  1. Last night I was in this spiritual cocoon. It didn’t seem real. I felt this embrace. I looked around when I woke up. Did I have a visitation I wondered…I actually googled in a spiritual cocoon and your blog came up. I guess I was meant to understand what happened last night by you. Thank you for this heartfelt revelation. It makes sense and yes I am in this transformative stage in my life.

    • Angela,

      I am glad that my message and experience could serve as a revelation for you! I understand exactly what you experienced and it’s truly life-changing! Embrace this moment, never look back and never loosen your grip on God’s hand; He will transform you into someone you never saw yourself becoming- that’s been my experience.

      If you like, I would love to stay in touch with you through this journey. I have another blog that I post on more regularly and a faith column that I write weekly. Maybe you can follow those as well and reach out to me via email (ciara@theresurrectloveproject.com) with any prayer requests or questions you may have! My other website is http://www.theresurrectloveproject.com! There you will find devotionals and much more inspiring stuff! My faith column, Fishers of Men, is with Qcitymetro.com. You can look on the website and find my devotional under the Faith column.

      I look forward to speaking with you again soon!

      God bless,

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