Don’t Let Your Circumstances Suffocate Your Vision

I have been traveling a lot for work. And each time I travel, I flashback to being unemployed and writing the vision for my next career (Habakkuk 2:2).

For months, I created scenarios in my mind where I was meeting with Fortune 500 Corporations to close million dollar deals. I was traveling every other month, speaking to C-suite executives, etc. But outside of this imaginary scenario, I was living from unemployment check to unemployment check (with a college degree). The only “executives” I was speaking to were my bill collectors.

It’s fair to say that my visions did not match my reality

Perhaps you can relate? You may not be making up imaginary scenarios, but you may have this internal knowing that your current situation doesn’t match what you know God has planned for you.

If this resonates with you, let me encourage you to never allow your current circumstances to suffocate your vision. Your purpose is far greater than the debt, the unemployment, the disconnection notices; all of those things are temporary, your purpose is everlasting.

Don’t become distracted by the voices that say, “You’re not experienced enough”, “you’re not as smart as that person”, “you didn’t go to college, so you don’t deserve that job”. Those voices are liars, trust me. You are equipped with everything you need to fulfill your purpose, all you have to do is believe.

Whenever you feel discouraged, remember that there’s a difference between sight and vision (I’ll be writing about this later). With our sight, we’re able to see only what’s in front of us. Sight gives us the ability to only see things in the present. Vision has a greater function. Vision allows us to see into the future. That’s why you can see yourself owning a business even though your present situation differs. Vision isn’t limited by our present conditions.

So write down your visions, pray over them, surround your mind with thoughts that nurture them and anticipate the doors of opportunity opening for you. 


“Then the Lord answered me and said: 

“Write the vision
And make it plain on tablets,
That he may run who reads it.
For the vision is yet for an appointed time;
But at the end it will speak, and it will not lie.
Though it tarries, wait for it;
Because it will surely come,
It will not tarry.”

-Habakkuk 2:2-3



2 thoughts on “Don’t Let Your Circumstances Suffocate Your Vision

  1. Thank you for such a timely encouraging word. I will be pondering this tonight. I believe it honors God to believe when I cannot see, trusting that when He gives the vision, He also creates the way. Blessings to you, sister!

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