Meal of the Day: What Are You Paying Attention To?

“What are you paying attention to and what is it giving you in return?” -Ciara Lilly

Imagine you walk into a store, pick up a pack of gum, take it to the counter and give the cashier the money. In return, the cashier takes the gum and hands you an orange. Better yet, imagine that the cashier simply hands you a receipt. In both instances, you have paid for something, but have received nothing of true value to you.  How would you feel?

I mean this would be a problem, right? 

Well, why is it different for the things we pay our attention to? Just think about the things that you pay your attention to on a daily basis? Most of us, if we’re honest, can say that we pay a lot of  attention to situations, people, careers, etc. that give us stress, fear, doubt, anger and sadness, in return. How is that a beneficial transaction?

Our attention is the most valuable currency we possess

 Because whatever we pay our attention to consumes our minds and seeps into our lives. We have to ask ourselves, “Is this worth my attention?” If it’s going to affect you in a positive way, then you know it’s worth it. If it’s not going to affect you positively, then you know not to pay attention to it. It’s that simple. But I’m sure you’re wondering:

What happens if I don’t pay attention to those things?

It’s our fear that if we don’t pay attention to the bill collectors, the stressful job, the shaky relationship, etc. that we’ll lose our grip. We’ll lose what little control we have and our lives will be over. That’s just not true. When you stop paying attention to these things that give you nothing of true value, you’ll free up more attention to dedicate to the things that will. The most important action we must take is to:

Identify what requires our attention versus what requires prayer

We should strive to pay attention to the things that we want to manifest in our lives; and should pray about the things that we want to change in our lives. Remember, prayer changes, attention attracts. You don’t have to pay attention to matters that simply require prayer; and you don’t have to feel bad about not giving those matters your attention.

In closing, imagine that you walk into life’s store, you pick up happiness, take it to the counter and pay the cashier your attention. In return, the cashier gives you two bags filled with happiness. You received way more than you paid for! That’s what happens when you pay attention to the good things in life. Your state of consciousness changes and the floodgates open to release all the good things you desire.


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