Meal of the Week: Developing a Mindset for Success

No one is born successful. No one is born a CEO. Everyone, no matter what career they have, started off with one building block- life. And as we all matured, we developed interests, passions, personalities, all things that needed to blossom before we met our purpose.

This process remains the same whether you’re Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg or President Obama. Where many of us become distracted is in the belief that successful people just woke up that way. We don’t think about the process, we don’t consider the sacrifices, we just think success picked them out of a crowd.

As a result of that thinking, two things can happen in our lives:

  1. We spend our whole lives waiting for success to fall on us
  2.  We pursue every get-rich-quick scheme in an attempt to become instantaneously successful

But after purchasing 1,000,000 lottery tickets and winning only $10.00, we have to find another strategy, right? I mean, if after 20 years, success hasn’t fallen out of the sky, it’s safe to say we should reevaluate our plan, right?

So what should we do?

1. The first thing that we have to stop doing is comparing our lives to someone else’s. I know from experience how tough this is. It’s human nature to size ourselves up against each other. But it’s also a great distraction. You have a great purpose to fulfill, one that the world needs, and that should remain your focus.

2. Of all the lessons I’ve learned about success this is the most life-changing one. We have to develop the mindset for success, before we worry about the title; because before success manifests in the natural, it starts inside the mind.   I started working at 14-years-old, my first job was at Zaxby’s. My second job was at Church’s Chicken. My third job was at J&S Cafeteria. My fourth job was at the Greensboro News & Record. Here’s where I’m going with this, each job taught me valuable lessons; but I never allowed them to influence my mindset for success. While I fried chicken, I never stopped thinking about progression. While I served people and busted tables, I never stopped thinking about my passion for writing. My mindset was fixed on becoming successful, although my titles did not represent the success I envisioned. Now, I have titles, and I’m here to tell you that titles without a supporting mindset mean nothing. As you course through life, guard your mind with all that you have within you, it is your most valuable possession. And remember that you’re not going to start as the CEO of a multi-billion company; you’re not going to start with records better than Michael Jordan’s, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot adopt a mindset to achieve those things.

How do we develop a mindset for success?

I’m so glad you asked. Here are some tips that I have found effective:

1. Surround yourself with people who have achieved success in their lives. They will drop nuggets of wisdom that you can apply to your life.

2. Your mind will grow from whatever you feed it. Find success-based videos, books, etc. that you can feed your mind daily. This helps tremendously.

3. Define what success means to you. Too often we are force-fed someone else’s definition of success and that’s wrong. What does success mean to you? What does it look like? When you turn the mirror inwardly, and ask yourself these questions, you may find that you’re closer to success than you think.

4. Don’t be afraid to stop and smell the roses. Your mind is delicate, it needs rest. Be comfortable with just nurturing your mind with rest sometimes.


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