Meal of the Week: A Clogged Mind Is Like A Clogged Toilet

“A clogged mind is like a clogged toilet. Nothing can flow through it and stuff that no longer serves a purpose  just sits at the surface, taking up valuable space.” -Ciara Lilly


Have you ever clogged your toilet before? And without going into too many details, I think we can all agree that it’s not a pretty scene. When it happens, how many of us look at the toilet and out of frustration say, “You had one job, Mr./Mrs. Toilet. Why couldn’t you do your job?” In that moment, we fail to ask the most important question, “What caused the clog?”, which in a lot of cases, would connect an action we made to the cause.


A Clogged Mind Is Like A Clogged Toilet 

Our minds have a tendency to get clogged occasionally. Every day we fill our minds with millions of thoughts: What am I going to eat for lunch? What am I going to wear tomorrow? When is that bill due? How am I going to pay that bill? Is she talking about me? Does he like me? Do I really have job security? What if I get fired? What if I fail? Am I really successful? Do I look fat in this? What if I never find Mr./Mrs. Right? Am I ready for this new promotion? Will I even get the new promotion? What day are they coming to fix the television? Did I even make an appointment for them to fix the television? Am I following my passion? How can I make more money? Does any of this matter? 

You get the point, we think a lot. And if we do not filter our thoughts, guess what happens? Your mind gets clogged just like your toilet. And what’s worse is that most people flush the positive thoughts and clog up their minds with the negative ones that serve no purpose at all. And we all know what happens to a clogged toilet that sits for a while…

It Starts To Stink… 

Before you know it, the stench starts to permeate your attitude. But this does not have to happen. You can pick up your mental plunger and flush those negative thoughts out of your mind. Our mental plunger is our positive thoughts. By filling our minds with as many positive thoughts as possible, we create a force that can break down any clog. Soon, those negative thoughts will be flushed and your mind will be clear- ready to receive thoughts that uplift, encourage and strengthen you.


Do you have a clogged mind? Is your attitude starting to stink? If your answer is yes, grab that mental plunger and get to work. It’s time to flush those negative thoughts!



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