Motivational Snack: Sharing the Blueprint for Successful Relationships

One of the qualities of my relationship that I have grown extremely fond of is our ability to effectively communicate with each other. I have learned that you cannot build a life with someone without communication. You have to communicate; but not only that, you have to be willing to learn new ways to communicate as well.

In most cases, the relationships we see on TV or read about in various publications, don’t teach you the core ingredients for making a relationship successful. Instead, we often see two hurt people projecting their anger and pain toward the other person. And we glorify that with high ratings. We teach our kids to emulate these behaviors and question why they grow up unable to make meaningful connections.

So what am I saying? I think it’s time we take our titles back. We are the teachers, not television. If you are building a successful relationship/marriage, if you’re putting in the work, teach others along the way. Don’t focus solely on the construction of your relationship that you miss an opportunity to share the blueprint.


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