A Fresh Perspective- Don’t Lose Sight of the Compassion, Grace, Forgiveness and Love That Has Been Extended to You

As a child, I can remember doing bad stuff. I didn’t always listen and I had my fair share of tantrums. I even stole a bath bead from Bath & Body Works. And I got caught. Luckily, no police officers were called, but what if they were? And what if five-year-old Ciara found herself in a situation similar to Michael Brown?

Would people say, “Ciara stole a bath bead, she deserved to be killed.”?

Now, I know there are various accounts of what happened on August 9. But I am specifically speaking to the notion that because Michael Brown allegedly stole cigars, he deserved to be killed. Because when I stole that bath bead, I didn’t lose my life. I was disciplined and I never stole again, but I wasn’t shot. I exhibited bad behavior, but I wasn’t a bad person. Over the last few weeks, I have played that memory over and over again in my mind.

I have read the insensitive, compassionless comments made. And I am disappointed. I am disappointed, because it’s obvious that a lot of us have forgotten the errors we made along the way. We forget that we have done bad things, we haven’t always made the best decisions, but that didn’t result in us being killed. And I find it hard to say, from my position in the world, that someone “deserves to die”, period.

So here’s my contribution to the Michael Brown tragedy and all other tragedies of like kind. If you are tempted to run with the allegations that Michael Brown stole cigars to justify the loss of his life, please review your life and all the mistakes you’ve made. And ask yourself, “What if God shared in my belief?”

If He did, I think we’d all be dead.

As you form your opinions, don’t lose sight of the compassion, grace, forgiveness and love that has been extended to you.


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