Meal of the Week: “What You Seek, Seeks You. But You’ll Never Find It If You’re Looking Outside of Yourself.”

“What you seek, seeks you. But you’ll never find it if you’re looking outside of yourself.” -Ciara Lilly

Media has a way of disguising illusions as reality. You turn on the television and you’re inundated with illusions of perfection. You see edited versions of success and, if you’re not careful, a seed gets planted. Within this seed grows the notion that if you emulate the behaviors of the rich and famous then you, too, will yield the same success. But here’s the problem with that…

If you allow society to dangle illusions in your face, you’ll spend your life chasing after a state of fulfillment that already exists within you.

Life is too short to chase after anything. And your life is too valuable to trade it in for a counterfeit version of someone else’s. Sure, there will be opportunities to learn from other people, but you cannot allow their journey to become yours. Your purpose, like your DNA, is unique to you. By turning your attention inwardly, you’ll soon realize that you’re equipped with everything you need to succeed at fulfilling your purpose. The map, the specific paths to follow and all the tools you need await you, don’t delay your success any longer!


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