A Motivational Snack: Treat Love Like The Biggest Present Under The Christmas Tree

“Love is a gift that God has given to us all, but so many of us are afraid to open it.” -Ciara Lilly

Because we have seen counterfeit examples of Love and fear new wounds. Or maybe it’s because we know that genuine Love is best friends with Change, which is the ultimate enemy of our good friends, Pride and Ego. And, together, we’ve all lived happily inside our comfort zones, so why should we change?

Yet, remember, Love is gentle. It requires your permission before entering your heart. It unleashes its transformative power only after we say yes, but the change it brings comes with a guarantee that you’ll be better after its work is done.

Love is our greatest teacher. It draws out the best in us and offers a safe place to shed, to heal, to become.

Love, in its many forms, is a gift. Treat it like the biggest present under the Christmas tree on Christmas Day. Unwrap it, explore it, cherish it, never let it go.


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