Meal of the Week: You Were Not Designed to Fit In

e.e. cummings quote

We all want to belong. 

We all want to feel understood. 

Yet, this desire, if not properly addressed, can breed the need to fit in. And to fit in means that you cram your identity into the confined dimensions of other people’s understanding. In other words, you become less in exchange for more artificial acceptance.

But you were not designed to fit in.

You were designed to stand out. 

There is one Creator and He created you in His image. He created you to be different, to be unique, to be comfortable in your beauty. When Leonardo da Vinci painted the “Mona Lisa”, he didn’t pass his paint brushes over to his friends and family to add or change anything. He created a masterpiece. Similarly, when God created you, He didn’t give anyone else permission to recreate you. He designed every feature, every personality trait, every hair on your head to be unique.

So why would you try to fit in?

Your power. Your strength. Your purpose. is inside of you. Sure, you will grow and develop in your understanding of who you are, but the core ingredients will remain the same. No child is born knowing who he/she will become. Our journeys here on Earth are about evolving, about peeling back the layers of our soul and revealing the gem of our existence. It’s a process that we control. So if you never fit in, if you never make your way to the cool kids’ table, if you walk with very few people by your side, don’t fret and please don’t give in. Your purpose isn’t tied to a popularity contest, your beauty, both inside and out, is not dependent upon someone else’s opinion.

Explore yourself.

Validate yourself.

Walk in your truth.

Own your story.

Dig up your voice.

Love yourself fiercely.

The rest will fall in line. I promise.


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