Motivational Meal of The Week: Don’t Build Your Life Using Negative Opinions As Bricks

“Others are quick to point out what you should be, but you’re the only person who can decide what you will be.” -Dave Steward

With the divine blueprint housed in our hearts, we become the architect of our lives. And we are given the ability to decide what we will use to build our lives. It’s no different than building a house; an architect would never design a house made of feathers. Why? Because feathers are not the right material, feathers do not meet the basic requirements needed to build a safe and sustainable house.

The same concept applies to building your life using the negative opinions of others.

Everyone has an opinion. And you will encounter a lot of people with negative opinions, but you choose whether their opinion impacts your life.

You’ll never achieve that

You’re not smart enough to do that

You didn’t go to college, so you cannot work there

You’re too overweight to wear that

(insert your example

It’s easy to take negative opinions, like the list above, and accept them as your truth. Yet, just like an architect wouldn’t use feathers to design a house, you cannot use those negative opinions to build your life. Negative opinions will never be the right material to use. Les Brown’s story speaks to this. Born into poverty, Les speaks about how the Miami school system labeled him, “Educable Mentally Retarded” and how he carried that as his truth until he met Mr. LeRoy Williams, a high school speech instructor, who one day in class asked Les to diagram a sentence. Les’ response was that he couldn’t do that, because he was educable mentally retarded. Mr. Washington replied with a statement that changed Les Brown’s life:

 “Someone’s opinion of you need not become your reality!”

What if Les Brown built his life on the Miami school systems’ limited perspective? Would he be the dynamic motivational speaker and entrepreneur he is today? I doubt it. When someone shares an opinion about you or your life, they’re sharing from their limited viewpoint. When you take that negative opinion and build your life on it, you’re not only limiting yourself, but you’re robbing yourself of tapping into your limitless potential. We all have so much to offer the world. We all have purpose. And we all are equipped with everything we need to fulfill our purpose. If you’ve built your life using the negative opinions of others as bricks, don’t worry, it’s not too late to renovate your life. You can replace those negative opinions with positive opinions. You can set your life on a new foundation. It’s never too late to begin again, to make positive changes, to shed yourself of all the negativity that’s boxing you in.

You are the architect of your life.


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