Motivational Meal of the Week: Stop Waiting For Permission

“You don’t have to ask permission to access what already belongs to you.”

As children, most of us were taught to ask permission before taking certain action. So if you wanted a cookie, you asked for a cookie. If you wanted to go out with friends, you asked for permission to go out with your friends. And no matter how frustrating it may have been, there was a reason why you had to ask permission.

You were not in control.

Fast-forward a few years and now you’re an adult. You are in control of your life and your actions. If you want a cookie, you can eat a cookie. And if you want to go out with your friends, you just go out with your friends. There are no curfews, no rules, you are in control. But when we look at our lives, focusing solely on our state of fulfillment, a lot of us are still asking permission…

We’re asking life…

Can I be successful?

Can I fulfill my dreams?

Can I make that six-figure income?

And the answer is simple, “You don’t have to ask permission to access what already belongs to you.” Success is your birthright. You were born with dreams planted inside of you that are yearning to blossom. If you spend your life asking for permission to water those dreams, you’ll never see them manifest in the physical.

You are in control…

We hear a lot of people say that our destinies are pre-determined. But few speak to the fact that we can interfere and delay the manifestation of our destiny and the fulfillment of our purpose in life by waiting for permission. It should be our goal to access the gifts, talents, faith, knowledge and wisdom that lies within us, because that’s what we need to unlock all that we desire in life. Think about being a kid on Christmas Day. Did you ask your parents to open the gifts that had your name on it? No. You knew those gifts belonged to you and you accessed the toys within each perfectly-wrapped box. Similarly, we were born with everything we need to access all that we desire; but we have to tap into it.

Life isn’t going to grant you permission. Life isn’t going to say, “Yes, I grant you permission to be successful…”  Your life, and all that happens therein, will follow your lead.


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