Motivational Meal of the Week: Make Up Your Mind

With just a few weeks remaining in 2014, most people are solidifying their 2015 action plans. They’re setting and evaluating their goals, they’re accessing the progress made in 2014 and the areas of improvement that they will carry into the new year. And all of this activity is great, but there’s one thing that I’d like to challenge us to do. It’s to…

Make up our minds

Because it is inevitable that obstacles will surface in 2015; and every good intention you kick off the year with will be challenged. Yet, nothing is as powerful and effective as a made up mind. Once you dedicate yourself mentally to fulfilling every goal you set out to achieve in 2015, no circumstance, obstacle or setback can defeat you. Sure, you may have struggles and you will receive periodic visits from doubt, fear and anxiety, but all you have to say is, I’ve made up my mind that I will achieve my goals no matter what.

Sound crazy?

Well I know something crazier- all the countless dreams and goals deferred in a lifetime, because we thought that just writing them down on paper or gluing images on vision boards was enough to ensure their fulfillment. It doesn’t work like that. You must possess a made up mind that’s rooted in faith.

Think about this…

When an architect designs a building, they create a blueprint, which is basically a plan for execution. Before any activity begins, the architect reviews and approves these blueprints and he/she makes a commitment. This building will be done by this date, period. He/she has made up their minds. There will be challenges, late nights, gray hairs, a few curse words, but the project will get completed, period.

That’s the approach we have to take when building our success.

We have to look at our 2015 action plan, our blueprint, and carefully review it. Last week’s blog post shared more on this process, check it out here. After you’ve reviewed it, put your stamp of approval on it. Then make up your mind. You’ll know if you’ve succeeded at this when you’re faced with your first challenge in 2015. If you respond with saying one of the following: I will do this, It is possible, I resist any emotion that contradicts my success or I’ve made up my mind that I will achieve my goals no matter what, then congratulations you’ve done it!

I believe in YOU. Now let’s go make 2015 our best year yet!



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