Motivational Meal of the Week: The Most Important Investment You Can Make Is In Yourself

We have 58 days remaining in 2015. Can you believe it? 58 more days! And as the days pass by and the holiday season quickly approaches, I hope that you’ll take time to assess and celebrate the progress you’ve made this year.

Sure, you may not have reached every goal and you may have to improve some things in 2016, but that’s okay. In fact, that’s to be expected. Every new year, scratch that, every new day, presents an opportunity to rewrite or revise our lives. Don’t miss that opportunity focusing on your perceived shortcomings.

As you’re coming up with your game plan for 2016, I encourage you to consider the investments you will make in 2016. Now I’m not talking about stocks and bonds, no the investments I’m referring to have far greater value. I am talking about the investments you make in yourself.

What can you do to invest in your dreams, talents and passions? It’s not always about going back to school. You can create your own classroom at your local library and library cards are free.

Think outside of the box.

Look for professional organizations that you can join, register for professional or personal development workshops in your area, research free online courses offered by various universities ( is a great resource to check out), seek a mentor, etc.

Not all of these options are free. I know. Money doesn’t grow on trees. I know. But think about how many times you’ve eaten out in 2015? Think about how many trips you took to Walmart to pick up one item and walked out with a cart full of items? That food has come and gone. And did those Walmart purchases bring you closer to fulfilling your dreams?

It’s just a mindset shift.

It’s about making your overall success as a person a top-priority for once. There will always be a reason why you cannot invest in yourself- lack of time, lack of money, lack of resources, etc. Don’t let those reasons keep you from making the most important investment of your life.


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