Motivational Meal of the Week: Do Not Chase, Attract.

I would be willing to bet that a lot of us have spent our lives chasing after a dream, money, a relationship, a career, you name it. And we’ve never stopped to think about what we were actually doing. To chase something means that you’re trying to catch what is running away from you. Why else then would you be chasing it?

So, in essence, when we chase after our dreams, our belief is that our dreams are running away from us. And that’s not true. When we chase after our careers, our belief is that our careers are running away from us. And that’s not true.

The things we desire in life are not running away from us, so there’s no need to chase them. Instead, we should focus on attracting them. You achieve this with your words, thoughts and actions.

Instead of desperately chasing after our desires in fear that they are running away from us, we should create an environment that welcomes the things we desire. Here’s what I mean by that- if I want a new career, I have to equip myself with the knowledge and professional development needed to excel in that new career. If I want a successful relationship, I have to do the personal work to ensure that I am prepared to be a good, committed partner.

In doing so, I am preparing myself and my environment for those desires.  Think about this. Let’s say you desire a new car. You can chase after a new car by applying at every car dealership in town. And you can run around in circles, bouncing from dealership to dealership, in an unsuccessful effort to find this new car. What is the end result? A broken spirit, a lot of wasted time and you may drive off with something that’s not too new.


The first question you have to ask yourself is, “Can I see the new car?” Sure, at any car dealership, you can see a lot of new cars, but when you close your eyes, can you see your new car? Do you know what color it is? Can you envision how the leather seats feel? How does it smell? What are the features your new car has? Can you see yourself driving it?

If your answer is no, that’s your starting point. Because how can you attract what you cannot envision? Once you have the vision engraved in your memory, the next step is to write down your desire- “I want a (insert the year, make and model of your new car), with (enter the features your new car has) at a monthly car payment of (enter that amount). I want to put down (enter the amount of your down payment) and I don’t want a cosigner.” Remember be as detailed as possible. Keep this near you at all times, look at it daily and nurture it with supportive thoughts and affirmations.


Because it’s one thing to have desires and to write them down, but your words and thoughts are the magnets that attract them to you. I believe that God gives us all the gift of imagination. God knows the desires of our hearts and places them on Earth for us to access at the appointed time- we slow down the manifestation process because we’re aimlessly chasing what already belongs to us.

Once you stop the high-speed chase and focus on attracting your desires, you may find that they were closer to you than you imagined.



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