A Motivational Meal of the Week: Assessing Your “I Am” Statements

First, let me preface this post by saying, “Thank God it’s Monday!” Most people loath Mondays and glorify Fridays, but isn’t every single day a gift? Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Fridays, but Mondays are special, too. It represents a new beginning. The start of what I always believe will be a great week! Remember, your perspective shapes your reality. Your perspective shapes your reality. Your perspective shapes your reality.  I repeated that statement on purpose, because I want to embed that truth in your mind. Your perspective shapes your reality. So if you make a choice to show Monday some love, to welcome it with open arms, Mondays will be just as great as your Friday, Saturday and Sundays.

Now to this week’s post… 

Imagine if everything you said about yourself over a 24-hour period of time came true. What would your life look like? Let’s take it one step further. What if everything you said about your loved ones over a 24-hour period of time came true. What would their lives look like as a result of your confessions?

Think about it. 

Words can be our most powerful resource or our most damaging resource. Words create. Words are energy sources.

What words are you using?

With “I am” being the two most powerful words in the world, how are you using them? Replay all of the “I am” statements you’ve made and ask yourself, “If every “I am” statement came true today, what would my life look like?” I believe most of us would not be pleased with the results of our “I am” confessions, but guess what!?!

Today is a new beginning. 

 You can change your “I am” confessions right now by creating positive ones that reflect what you want to see vs. what your reality may be. There’s nothing wrong with envisioning what you want to see even if it differs from your current circumstances. I believe that’s why we’re given an imagination and it certainly doesn’t make you crazy.

Some of my “I am” confessions are:

  • I am abundance and abundance flows through me.
  • I am wealthy and completely debt-free.
  • I am healthy and my body and mind functions exactly as it should.
  • I am disciplined and focused.
  • I am an early riser and maintain a consistent level of productivity.

Now here’s the thing, some of these confessions do not match my current reality, but I continue to state them so that I can shift my mindset. In shifting my mindset, I will start to exhibit the necessary behaviors and habits to become what I desire. For example, I’m not disciplined and focused every day. Some days I procrastinate. Some days I have a million things running through my mind and I’m not focused. I’m not present. But that shouldn’t change my “I am” confession. Why? Because I’m operating from a place of becoming. I want to become a disciplined and focused individual, so even when I don’t exhibit the behaviors and/or habits, I don’t allow my mindset to change.

Here’s another example that I’m sure a lot of people can relate to. In the natural, I do not have a six-pack. I, right now, could not be on the cover of any fitness magazine. But when I’m in the gym, I don’t think about that. I envision myself with the abs, with the well-defined muscles. And my “I am” confessions nurture those visions. Over time, my body has started to change and I am seeing, in the natural, the manifestation of what I’ve been speaking for years.

Now it’s your turn… 

Start rewriting your “I am” statements this week. Give no thought to what your “reality” is. Remember, your reality is subject to change and you have the power to change it with your words. Once you create new “I am” statements, share them with me. Let’s hold each other accountable, let’s help each other speak great things into existence!


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