A Motivational Snack: Keep Pushing, Keep Believing, We’re In This Together

Do not allow someone else’s self-imposed limitations to alter your altitude. Soar high. Be courageous. Not everyone will take the journey with you and that’s okay. When you release people who are no longer adding value to your life, it doesn’t make you a bad person.

If you have a dream and everyone tells you that it’s impossible, that you’re wasting your time, that you’ll never succeed, ignore them. You have that dream for a reason. You have that passion for a reason. Keep the flame going and work harder- not to prove them wrong, but to show your dream that you’re willing to invest your all into its manifestation.

I truly believe that we have to learn how to believe in each other again. And in doing so, we have to acknowledge and honor the fact that our words have power and shouldn’t be used to deflate someone’s dream just because we don’t understand it. Everyone has a purpose in life and there’s no need for a validation committee to assess its relevancy or authenticity.

So just in case no one has told you lately, I believe in you. I believe in that dream that keeps you up at night; and I am sure that with hard work, faith and all the passion inside of you, your dream will manifest.

Keep pushing, keep believing, we’re in this together. 


4 thoughts on “A Motivational Snack: Keep Pushing, Keep Believing, We’re In This Together

  1. This is a very well written and engaging message Ciara! With your boost of enthusiasm, I am extremely confident and motivated to push forward and believe in myself further. Have a great day!

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