A Motivational Meal of the Day: Own Your Cards


In life, I believe that each of us is dealt a hand of cards, and while some cards may be similar to someone else’s, the differentiator is in how we play our cards.

What’s In Your Hand?

For the sake of this analogy, think of cards as circumstances. There are good cards and seemingly bad cards, but each card serves a purpose. The objective is to determine how you are going to position yourself to win with the cards you’ve been dealt. In order to accomplish this, you have to remember…

It Is Possible

Have you ever played the card game “Uno”? Do you remember playing against that one person who always had all of the Draw-Fours? And in your mind, whether you voiced it or not, you’re thinking, “Man, why can’t I have his/her hand?” You’re establishing that position simply because that person possesses one card that you want, right? If they didn’t have the Draw-Fours, you wouldn’t be interested in trading hands, right?

The same applies to our lives. We see our friends playing the cards they’ve been dealt and it’s easy to compare our cards to theirs. That’s a waste of time. That’s simply distracting you from playing your cards effectively.

You Own Your Cards

Your cards do not own you. You were given each card for a reason and it’s not for you to throw them in. It’s true- some people have been given more Draw-Fours and that’s not always easy to accept. Some people were born into wealth, some people were born into a network of highly-esteemed people who could connect them with opportunities and maybe that’s not you. Maybe your cards were completely different and that’s okay. That’s okay because while they may not have been the Draw-Fours you would have preferred, they still have purpose and power.

In my life, I was dealt many cards that, at the surface, were not the best. I, too, felt like, “God, um, do you like me?” I even went through a phase of comparing my cards to others’ cards. But one day my perspective shifted. I realized that all of my cards had power and it was my responsibility to play them to the best of my ability.

I started to look for the lessons- what will this card teach me? How can I use this card to relate to someone else? How can I strategically use this card to better my life?

There Is Beauty In Everything If You Look For It

I believe that wholeheartedly. If you seek the beauty in every card, it will present itself to you. I also believe that a lot of people waste years of their lives staring at their cards- wishing that their hand would magically change. That is no way to live. In fact, that’s not living at all. If this is you, it’s okay, you simply have to make a decision.


That every card will serve a purpose. That every card is meant for your good. That every card is a part of a puzzle designed just for you. Decide. That no matter what your hand looks like in comparison to Beyonce’s or anyone else’s for that matter,  you’re going to play it to win.


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