A Motivational Snack: “Are You Afraid?”

Does the dream that keeps you up at night also scare you?

Are you afraid of the new promotion you’ve been working so hard for?

Are you afraid that you may fail? That you may disappoint your loved ones?

Are you afraid?

If you answered, “Yes”, GOOD! Because if your dreams don’t scare you, you’re playing it safe. And in the words of dear Sweet Brown…

Sweet Brown

You have to make a decision. Do I want greatness or comfort zones (note: there’s a difference between being comfortable and living in your comfort zones)? Do I want bite-size success or exceedingly abundantly above all I can ask or think kind of success?

It’s your choice.

It’s so easy to shy away from the things that scare us, but you unlock a new realm of greatness when you conquer those fears. When you do it afraid, whatever it is, you’ll realize that fear is just an illusion. You are its source of power, its source of life. And once you deprive it of your energy it withers.

You have purpose, live like it.

Imagine on Christmas Day, you wake up and see all of these great gifts under the tree. What’s your reaction? You scream with excitement and run to open as many in 1.5 seconds as possible, right? Now imagine that your parents tell you, “Nope, you cannot open any of the gifts this year. We’re just going to let them sit there.”

*Insert your most disappointed face*

That’s a tragic experience to imagine, right? But it’s a reality for so many people. Every single day, we wake up with gifts inside of us. And they sit there. Unopened. Unexplored. We tell ourselves, “I don’t know what my purpose is?”, oblivious to the fact that our purpose leaves clues disguised as gifts, talents and dreams. We cannot identify our purpose when we’re suffocating our gifts, talents and dreams with fear, doubt and worry. So what happens? Our gifts, like the gifts under the tree, sit there. Our purpose remains a mystery and time passes by.

Is that what you want for your life?

For all of my life, I’ve been afraid of public speaking. Four years ago, I made a choice. I chose a career that would force me to conquer my fear. The first few presentations were horrible. Horrible. I mean voice cracking, hands sweating, horrible. I wanted to quit. I wanted to go back to my comfort zone. But the purpose I was given for my life was too great! And I knew that, in order to fulfill it, I would have to conquer this fear.

Now what I’m not going to tell you is that I don’t still feel a little fear and nervousness when I engage in public speaking now. That would be a lie. The difference is that I now know that the fear is just a hurdle, that once jumped over, cannot stop me.

I made a decision. I made a choice. I want to fulfill my purpose in life so badly that I’m willing to conquer every single fear that I have. If I’m nervous, if I’m afraid, I’m just going to do it afraid. It’s that simple for me. Instead of running from my fears, I run to them.

And you can do the same. 

Too many people leave this world with their gifts still under the tree. I don’t want that for you. There’s so much greatness inside you and the world needs to see it. Don’t let the fear distract you- push beyond it. I promise you there’s a beautiful journey ahead if you can move pass the fear, move pass the comfort zones.

We all need to hear this occasionally: Someone is waiting for that invention you’re dreaming of, someone is waiting for the company you’re establishing, whatever your dream is, it’s needed by someone. But only you can ensure it manifests, only you can open the gifts under the tree.


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