A Reflection: Take The Veils Off

What we must understand is that there are people in the world who have the privilege of wearing veils. Yes, veils. Veils of denial which distort their perception; veils of ignorance perpetuated by generations of oppressors that are programmed to shift the blame on the victims. Veils with “All lives matter… but we’re really only talking about ours” embroidered along its sides.

Comfortable, familiar, veils

And when asked to confront and remedy injustice of any form, they will always reach into their privilege treasure chest to pull out the veil. Always.

Because it’s easier to wear the veil than it is to live with a guilty conscience

Here’s the bigger problem- when people, especially people in positions of power, wear these veils like uniforms, they disconnect from humanity and view everyone who doesn’t look like them as threats- not mothers, not fathers, not children, not human beings.

This is a problem that cannot be solved in courtrooms where justice can be bought by the highest bidder. This is a problem that cannot be solved by organizing protests while still organizing our dollars to support businesses that rarely hire us for positions that don’t require us to entertain or serve.

This is a problem that requires every oppressed person to shine their light extra bright as to burn holes through those veils and say…

“I am here. I matter. I will not be defeated. You will see me.”


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