A Motivational Meal of the Week: Do The Prep Work

I wake up every day believing that what I seek is seeking me. So I don’t subscribe to chasing anything- my dreams, my success, abundance; because you chase what is running from you.

Every good thing I desire is running toward me. I just have to focus on being prepared to receive it.

It takes preparation. 

Let’s imagine that you desire to become a physician. The desire alone is not enough, right? You have to commit yourself to doing the necessary prep work in order to be equipped with the knowledge and know-how to effectively practice medicine. Without the prep work, your desire becomes a wish. And we all know wishes are for birthdays.

The same applies to any desire we have. For example, if you desire abundance, you don’t prepare for it by recklessly spending all of the money you have. You attract abundance by being a good steward of the resources you currently have. You save, you give and you practice financial discipline so that you can sustain whatever abundance you attract into your life.

There are no red slippers.

Leave the red slippers with Dorothy, I can assure you that clicking your heels will not manifest your desires in life. It takes preparation. It takes work. It takes commitment. It takes patience. You have to be willing to do the personal work.

We were given the ability to create, to dream, to literally sculpt the life that we desire to live. And I believe that’s the most beautiful gift our Creator bestowed upon us, but it’s also the most neglected gift.

Your desires- whatever it is that you think about every night, the vivid vision for your life that motivates you to wake up every morning, is real. It exists. People will call you crazy; life will try to exhaust you with circumstances designed to challenge your will power; you’ll be tempted to settle, to throw in the towel and live a scripted life.

I’m here to tell you that you’re better than that. 

You were not given those desires, those dreams, just because. You represent a garden of limitless potential and those desires and dreams you have are seeds that were planted before you were even born. It’s time to prepare for the harvest. So pull those  mental weeds of mediocrity, doubt and fear; and water your dreams and desires with your unwavering commitment, faith and trust. Do that and prepare to be amazed by what blossoms.


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