A Motivational Meal of the Week: We’re All Living With A Murderer

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It’s true. We’re all living with a murderer and its name is Fear. 

Now I know this may be hard for you to process, because Fear does a great job of convincing people that it’s their friend. But it’s not. Just think about the last time you thought about your dreams and goals. What was Fear’s reaction?

In all cases, Fear will attempt to suffocate those dreams and goals with excuses, doubt and worry.  It will use your circumstances, your insecurities, just whatever it can to convince you to quit. And before you know it, you’ll be like the millions of people who have buried their murdered dreams and aspirations.

It’s time to convict Fear… 

Because too many dreams are in danger. And too many dreams have lost their lives to senseless forces designed to keep us from accessing our greatness. Enough is enough.

Today you can make a decision.  You can decide that under no circumstances will you allow Fear to kill another dream of yours.

And if Fear has murdered some of your dreams, I’m here to tell you that it’s not too late to resurrect them. You’re alive, you still have greatness within you, speak those dreams back into existence!



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