A Motivational Meal of the Week: Every Opportunity Doesn’t Elevate You

While I understand the value of an opportunity, I also understand the value of being selective. Trust me, I’ve learned this lesson through experience. Over the last several years, I have been presented with many opportunities and, up until this year, I’ve accepted them all.  And some people would tell you that’s the way you move up in the world- you accept every opportunity, work hard, sacrifice your sleep, just grind until you make it.

I don’t subscribe to that philosophy. And here’s why… 

A mentor of mine once told me, “You can be very busy doing nothing.” And that’s so true. You can sit on committees, serve on boards, have seven different companies, work full-time, rescue kittens from treetops, etc. and still find yourself asking the question, “What is my purpose?”

You can grind every day and sacrifice your sleep and well-being to achieve your vision of success. And you’ll feel good about it until you burn out. You’ll feel good about it until your loved ones become strangers and you’ll find yourself asking the question, “Was it worth it?”

Every Opportunity Doesn’t Elevate You

Without a vision for your life, you’ll confuse opportunities that will distract you for opportunities that will elevate you. When you have a vision that’s backed by a strategic plan, you’ll be able to vet your opportunities to determine if they align with your vision. For example, if you desire to become a real estate agent, and you’re presented with an opportunity to intern with a media firm as a editorial assistant, you’ll be able to quickly determine that this opportunity isn’t for you. The same is applicable for business. If you’re an entrepreneur and you’re presented with an opportunity to work with a new client, you don’t want to jump into a business relationship without vetting that client. You have to make sure that the customer is a good fit for your business before entering into a contractual agreement, right?

It’s Okay To Be Selective

And I mean truly selective. If you’re like me, you’ll try to justify exploring new opportunities, even when  you know they don’t align with your vision and strategic plan. Time after time after time, I’ve found myself overwhelmed and frustrated, because I was too afraid to say, “Thank you for thinking of me, but this opportunity is not a good fit for me.”

Eventually I had to learn that every opportunity isn’t my opportunity and I cannot be everything to everyone. I have not perfected this, but I am setting the intention to get better at it every single day. I am recognizing the fact that people don’t seek to over-commit, we have all been taught that our purpose is wrapped up in the doing, so we do so much that there’s no time left to live your life and that’s unacceptable.

What Is The Vision For Your Life?

Be clear. Really use your imagination. Think and dream big. What is the ideal vision for your life? Once you have it written down, establish a plan. What are the steps you can take to make this vision a reality? What kind of opportunities do you need to attract to make this vision real in the natural? With that insight, you’re able to screen each opportunity to ensure that you’re pursuing the opportunities that will elevate you versus distract you.

One last thing, take care of yourself in the process. Rest, exercise and relax. I promise I’m preaching to myself on this one. I have two mantras for my life, they are, “What you seek is seeking you” and “You have the power to create the life you want to live.” Understanding these things to be true, we don’t have to obsess, we don’t have to burn ourselves out. You don’t earn badges for that. Remember, in order to enjoy life you have to be around to live it.


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