The Tough Issue- “No More Band-Aids”

I live in Charlotte. This city has been home to me since 2007. As a Charlotte resident, and as a Black woman, here’s my opinion on what’s happening in Charlotte right now…

Everyone wants to criticize the methods and no one is talking about healing the broken spirits.

Tell me.

How many media outlets showcase positive images of black people throughout the year? When are we not depicted as threats?

Then. Tell me. Why would we consider the media a credible source of telling our story?


While I do not promote violence of any kind, I think it is incredibly bold and insensitive to tell hurt people that they’re wrong for expressing their anger in ways that we deem inappropriate.

And then what?

They’re supposed to go sit in timeout and think about what they’ve done? Just like the judicial system tells them to just sit in jail whenever they make a mistake.

So what am I saying?

I am saying that it’s easy to criticize, the real work is in developing solutions. I am saying that we need to address the pain, we need to provide safe places for us to process our hurt.

I am saying that the same redeeming grace you sing about at church on Sunday applies to each and every human being. Grace is not conditional. Grace is not earned. And we are all equipped with enough grace, love and compassion to overcome the evil that’s in this world.


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