The Tough Issues- Food For Thought

A child is fatally hit by a car while playing outside.
No one tells the parents, “Well, if your child had not been playing outside, they would still be alive today.”

A black man gets shot by police. A black woman gets shot by police.

And people say, “If only they had followed the officers’ instructions, they would still be alive today.”

That sounds a lot like, “If only they had listened to their Massa’, they would still be alive today.”

A white man kills nine black people during their bible study. And the police treat him to lunch at Burger King.

People say, “He had a troubled past riddled with mental health challenges.”

An extremist plants an explosive device in a dumpster. Gets in a shootout with police and is wheeled out in a stretcher to receive medical attention.

People say, “We need to understand his motives.”

You cannot tell us how to “stay alive” when you share the mindset of those who keep killing us. You don’t get to discredit our pain because you know “several good cops.” Please ask them what they’re doing to eradicate police brutality. I’ll wait.

If your first reaction when a person of color gets killed is, “What did he/she do to deserve it?” You are a part of the problem. Own that. And if you’re not willing to do the personal work to change your views, don’t say anything at all.


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