A Motivational Meal of the Week- Check Your Garden

Image result for garden

Your mind is your garden. You determine what grows there. 

When’s the last time to checked your garden?

What’s growing?

Have you allowed your fears to till the fertile soil of your mind?  If so, pull the weeds disguised as excuses, doubts and imposed narratives of who you are and what you’re capable of becoming.

The weeds choke your greatness. And deplete your garden of the nutrients it needs to produce an abundant harvest. Aren’t you tired of living in scarcity? Aren’t you tired of settling for crumbles while others enjoy a feast?

Stop envying other people’s gardens. You have the same fertile soil. You have the same greatness inside of you. What grows in your life is produced in your own garden, no one else’s.

So get out in your garden, assess it, don’t be afraid to pull things from the root even if they were planted by people you love. You’ve all given people, situations and/or circumstances the shovel to plant negativity, fear, doubt in our garden. It’s okay. Just start pulling those things from the root and replacing those bad seeds with good ones.

This is your garden. This is your mind. You protect that shovel and you plant those seeds that will bring you joy.



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