A Motivational Meal of the Week- Do Your Something


Donald Trump. 

Vladimir Putin.

Police Brutality. 



Climate Change.

This dismal list goes on and on and it appears that it grows each time you log into your social media accounts or turn on your television. Another person of color becomes a hashtag, more evidence surfaces that proves Russian interference in our election, more homeless people, more unpresidented (fix it, Jesus) tweets, snow in Hawaii, I mean it’s truly a lot to process, right?

You grab your cape… 

Only to realize that you don’t know where to start. You’re only one person, how could you change the world? If you’re not careful, you’ll cave under the weight of trying to fix everything for everyone.  And you’ll miss an opportunity to do your something.

Do your something. 

As someone who has a heart for helping others, I completely understand how easy it is to want to fix everything for everyone. We see a problem and naturally we want to play a role in identifying the solution. But what happens when you try to assign yourself all of the world’s problems to solve? You burn out. You get overwhelmed. You lose your focus and thus misplace your power. Instead of going with what’s behind Door One, let’s select a different approach.

What if we focused on our something?

Your something can be as simple as you need it to be. For example, maybe your something is giving every stranger you meet a compliment. Or maybe it’s organizing a food/clothing drive for a local homeless shelter. Your something is personal and it’s your contribution to humanity. It’s your way of saying, “I see this, it is wrong and I want to play a role in making it right.” It’s important to note, again, that your something can be simple. We often think that our somethings, our contributions, have to be these elaborate sacrificial offerings and that’s just not true. Instead, I believe that the force of individual somethings is great enough to shift the direction of our world.

We are moving into a year of unknowns. People are afraid. All over the world, people are hurting and they rise each day from these hurt places searching for hope. They rise each day from these hurt places searching for a reason to trust in the goodness of humanity. Our individual somethings are their hope. Our individual somethings can save someone’s life. Our individual somethings can tell someone, “I see you, I see your pain, it matters and I’m going to love you through it.”

Do your something. The world is counting on it. 


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