A Motivational Snack- Entrepreneurship Is Not For Everybody

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Entrepreneurship is not for everybody. And that’s okay. You can be an employee of a company and still build wealth. It’s not so much about the source of your income as much as it is how you manage/leverage your income.

One more thing, if you do possess an entrepreneurial spirit, there’s nothing wrong with working a traditional job while you build your own business. Just do your due diligence to ensure there are no conflicts of interest. Choosing this approach doesn’t make you any less of an entrepreneur. Trust me, no one is giving out gold stars to entrepreneurs that quit their jobs to pursue their entrepreneurial ventures full-time. It takes time. It requires preparation.

Entrepreneurship is not a fad. It is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Let’s be careful not to feed into the sensationalism of entrepreneurship.


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